Safety Manual Appendices

Hazard Alerts:

Electrical Hazards

Ladder Fatality Hazard Alert

Hazard Alert Retail Fatality

Chemical Mixup

Confined Space Rescue

Lack of Hazard Assessment_Deadly

Lockout Amputation Hazard Alert

Violence Workplace

Report Hazards and Near Misses

Manitoba Manufacturing Company Fined

Safety Talks:

Hand Hygiene Safety Talk

Workplace Inspections Safety Talk

Working Alone Safety Talk

Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

Workplace Violence Safety Talk

Slip Trip and Fall Safety Talk

Near Miss Reporting Safety Talk


Young Workers Safety Talk


Safety Talk Extension Ladders

Housekeeping is Safe Keeping

Safe Work Procedures:

Safe Handling and Use of Homemade Bleach

Safe Care and Use of Safety Footwear

Manual Safe Lifting and Handling

Confined Space

Safe Care and Use of Hearing Protection

Hedge Trimmer

Electric Pressure Washer

Changing a Light Bulb

Safe Cylinder Handling and Storage

Safe Care and Use of Protective Eyewear

Power Tools (General)

Step Ladder

Dealing with Irate Customers

Electrical Safety (General)

Hand Tool Safety (General)

Heat Stress Safety

Gas Leaf Blower

Gas Weed Whacker

Blood and Bodily Fluids

Eyewash Station

Extension Ladder

Ride on Mowers

Fire Extinguishers Safe Use

Propane Use


Inventory of Critical Tasks:

COWCC Arena_Outdoor Rinks

COWCC Hospitality_Canteen

COWCC Facility and Grounds Maintenance

COWCC Facility Rentals


A     Hazard and Near Miss Report

B     Safe Job Plan/Inspection/Tool Box Talk

B1   Job Hazard Assessment

C     Inventory of Critical Tasks - see above

D     Job Hazard Analysis

D1   List of Known and Potential Violent Worksites or Job Functions

D2    Violence Risk Assessment

D3    Violence Risk Assessment Employee Questionnaire

D4   Fall Protection Plan

E     Worksite Set-up Safety Checklist

E1    Company Vehicle Safety Setup Checklist

F     Safe Work Practices

G     Safe Job Procedures

F & G SWP Disclaimer

H     Record of Enforcement and Disciplinary Action

H1   Enforcement and Disciplinary Action Policy Acknowledgement

H2    Working Alone Plan Agreement

H3    Working Alone Hazard Analysis

 I      Record of Maintenance

I1     Record of Defective Tool, Machine, Equipment Repair Logbook

I2    Inventory of Fall Protection Systems

J     Employee Orientation

K    Contractor Orientation

L     Record of Safety Talk

M     Jobsite Inspection Checklist

M1    Safety, Health and Loss Control Inspection Checklist

M8    Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Checklist

M9    Vehicle Pre-OPerational Checklist

M12A   Ladder Pre-Use Inspection Checklist

M12B   Ladder Pre Use Inspection Checklist

M13   Harness Inspection Checklist

M14   Power Tool Inspection Checklist

M15   ATV Pre-Operational Checklist

Ice Resurfacing Machine Pre-Use Inspection Checklist (not available at this time)

N     Incident Report

O     Incident Investigation Report

O1   Return to Work - Restrictions Report

O2    Return to Work - Physician Letter

O3    Return to Work - Worker Letter

O4    Return to Work - Modified Duty Offer Form

O5    Return to Work - Employee Contact Record

O6    Return to Work - Physical Demands Analysis Form

P     First Aid Log

Q     Emergency Response Plan Checklist

Q1    Emergency Contact List

Q2    ERP Drill Checklist

R     Emergency Equipment Checklist

R1    Fire Extinguisher Inspection Maintenance Record (not available at this time)

R2    First Aid Kit Checklist

S     Record Keeping and Statistics

T     Workplace Safety & Health Representative Member Sign-In

T1    Workplace Safety & Health Representative Request for Educational Leave

T2     Workplace Safety & Health Representative Minutes

T3    Workplace Safety & Health Representative Checklist

T4    Workplace Safety & Health Bulletin Board Checklist

T5    Workplace Safety & Health Rep Agenda Template

U     Inventory of Controlled Products

V     WHMIS Implementation and Inspection Checklists

W     Risk Assessment for Musculoskeletal Innjury

X     Contracted and Self Employed Persons Safety Evaluation And Agreement

Y     Work Refusal Report

Z     Workplace Safety Management System Evaluation Checklist

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