Accountability Manual Appendices

Accountability Manual Appendices:

Section 2.0: Partnership Responsibilities 

Community Centre Monthly Requirements Checklist

Section 2.1: UFF Responsibilities

Community Centre Herbicide Use Procedure

Maintenance Standards for Knock-down Rinks

Maintenance Standards for Ball Diamonds

Maintenance Standards for Soccer/Football Fields

Parks and Open Spaces- Materials and Supplies Guideline

Section 3.0: Constitution

Standardized Constitution

Section 5.0: Standardized Financial Reporting

Community Centre Audit/Review Guidelines

Financial Stability Assessment


Standardized Revenue and Expense Statement Categories (Sample)

City of Winnipeg Community Centre Investment Guidelines

City of Winnipeg Community Centre Guidelines for the Discovery of Fraud and other Similar Irregularities

Section 9.0: Insurance and Claims

Incident and/or Injury Report

Property Damage, Theft or Loss Report

Liability Release and Indemnity Form

Section 10.0: Employer-Employee Relationships

City of Winnipeg Community Center Volunteer/Employee Code of Conduct

Community Centre Respectful Environment Policy

Section 12.0: Job Descriptions

Volunteer Position Description Sample

Volunteer Application Form

Community Centre Duties of Officers (Samples)

Staff Job Descriptions (Samples)

Section 13.0: Permits, Licenses and By-Laws

Community Centre Policy for Group Fundraising Activities (Sample)

Outdoor Smoking By-Law

Temporary Food Establishment License Application City of Winnipeg

Temporary Food Service Establishment Guideline and Provincial Special Event Health Permit Application

Sample Suspension Letter for Minors

Sample Suspension Letter for Adults

Section 15.0: Rentals/Facility Use Agreements

Sample Community Centre Rental Agreement

Facility Use Agreement

Responsibilities Regarding Insurance for Third Party Usage of Community Centre Facilities

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